Why shop at Coimbatore?

    1. Many of the companies,products and services are available at a very reasonable price.
    2. Sales people have more patience and care more forthe customers no matter they buy or purchase or not.for they very well know such customers will not only come but also do mouthadvts.
    3. They will be glad to exchange goods either with another item of your choice or sometimes even cash provided you go in time without spoiling or using the item with the original bill.
    4. You have many choices to select your needs in more places.
    5. Courtesy  and consideration are there in every good shop.
    6. Purchasing anything of your choice will bring pleasure and satisfaction.
    7. You will feel glad and happy you have taken the right decision to buy things in Coimbatore.
    8. You will surely visit again and again with your relatives,friends etc.
    9. Complete your visit to Coimbatore with a nice purchase and go happy.


We are here for you

  • Shopkeepers who need us,we are at your service.
  • You can become a member of CBESHOPS.for a yearly  membership fee of Rs.720/- for a year. I,e, Rs.20 /- a day.
  • When you need a salesman/ sales girl or staff you can inform us.
  • We will do our best to see that you get  whom you want by advertising in our site.
  • If you have got any stock to be sold or you have new arrivals,we can inform in our website.
  • If you want your storefront to appear in our site with promotional matter, we are at your service.but at an additional cost  which again will be reasonable on one time basis or on regular basis.
  • This can be negotiated on mutually agreeable affordable basis.
  • Your prosperity is our only goal.Blessings and best wishes for a prosperous present and future for you all.
  • Keep in touch.
  • Please send your enquirers to:goahead1932@gmail.com and oblige.
  • It will be our pleasure and privilege to serve you all to our best.

Shopping is a pleasure in CBE.

  • Shopping is a pleasure in Coimbatore. Why? Less pollution,less contamination,Comfortable climate, friendly and co-operative and considerate All the time In standing ovation at the counters  with a beautiful smile,the sales staff both gents and ladies,Miss& Mrs
  • .You can spend a lot of time in window-shopping and each one of the shop front  is  at the exquisite hands  of the Window- stylists,
  • .You will really stand and watch and appreciate and you may even enter the  shop to enquire the price of the attractive saree or the Shirt.
  • Some of them are really great in  making the window attractive and making the onlookers to stand at least one minute  to appreciate  and sometimes enter the shop to enquire about the saree or shirt.
  • No one asks about who has done it and appreciate
  • .As a matter of courtesy and to make them feel happy, you can when you visit, praise sincerely and give them proper recognition and appreciation and some good positive words to boost their confidence to do still better
  • .We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your such actions
  • .Blessings and best wishes to all who brings a smile on other face.
  • Shopping in Cross cut Road, 100 ft .road, Avinasi road, R,S.Puram, Race course, Oppannakara street( very crowdy)  and at the Malls in Brookebond Road, are all worth.